About Us

Welcome to TLC Classic Cars, your number one resource for finding or selling you classic automobiles. TLC Classic cars was inspired by a passion of Volkswagen, Porsche and all air cooled cars by the Founder Tammi Cataldo. TLC now lists all types of classics, exotic cars, foreign cars, muscle cars, whatever your passion. TLC is an easy affordable way to buy or sell your dream classics. We can help stream line you advertising and create the kind of attention needed to get your car sold quick. If you are searching for a beautiful classic car,  TLC is a great resource for the quality classics you are searching for. 

How It Works

We make it easy! All that is needed from you is pictures of the your classic car,  a description regarding the details and history of your vehicle.  We also will discuss pricing. We do not dictate pricing. We will help you arrive at a price, however ultimately it is your decision. The cost to list your vehicle is initially free, if we are successful at bringing you a buyer the rate is a flat $500. TLC will not only list your classic on TLC we will also list is on other sites to generate more exposure. TLC also does not negotiate the final sale, however we will guide you. 

At TLC our goal is to match the right buyers to the right sellers to ensure an easy and seamless transaction. After all these beautiful cars are more than just a hobby, a lot of these vehicles become part of our history passed down over decades. There is an emotional component to selling our beloved classics. It's always a relief to know they are going to a new home that will love and care for them as we have.